Post-pregnant mama feels pretty, sexy again!

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So I have a little confession to make. It's nothing big, really, but a recent conversation with a girlfriend of mine brought it to light as possibly being an interesting topic of discussion. I told my husband before I gave birth that once I got back down to my regular size (or near it) that I was going to toss all the old, crappy, "period" underwear I'd been wearing and get some new.

I have a thing for underwear, you see. It's not a big secret or anything like that, and certainly I am not alone in my desire for my underthings to be pretty. Pretty underwear makes me feel confident and in shape and, yeah, I'll go there: sexy. Even if it's really basic underwear, like the kind I bought myself from the Jockey outlet store while I was on my road trip last week.

I used to be a fan of the more complicated, lacy, decorated and embroidered stuff from places like Victoria's Secret. I never enjoyed even imagining what it would be like to stuff myself into some of the contraptions--for lack of a better word--offered by Frederick's of Hollywood (who, by the way, by choosing to ride the coattails of the successful Victoria's Secret have chosen to clean their act up...just a little)--but did appreciate the pretty little things offered by VS, even if they didn't always fit just right.

And there were times--many times, sadly--when the color was right but the fabric was not. Stuff itched or poked me, that kind of thing. I also refuse to wear an underwire as I find them totally uncomfortable. That made my decisions a little easier since there are only a few wireless options available. That and the fact that I was about to and now have a new baby who needs basically all of my liquid assets!

I'm still not down to my pre-baby weight or shape, and goodness knows I may never be. I guess I'll have to be ok with that. I may have no choice. That said, regardless of size or shape, every woman deserves to feel good and look great and have cute underwear. It should be on a doctrine somewhere.

Enter the Jockey store. Everything in there is basic and SO COMFORTABLE--this was the conversation I had with my girlfriend--and really well priced. It makes VS look like a waste of time and money. Even though I really do love their underwear, it's just not practical for me anymore, and is really pricey to boot.

The stuff at Jockey is not boring. It's simple but really, really cute. And it looks great on too! I was so surprised by how happy I was with my purchases that I am compelled to throw out all my old underwear, which consists of WAY too many itty bitty thongs--you know, the ones that are basically a triangle with some string attached to them?--and stock up on the little boy shorts and cotton briefs.

Well, that may be going a little too far. I do enjoy variety after all. Also, as a STAUNCH advocate for NO PANTY LINES, ever (EVER!!!) having a variety of options at one's fingertips is critical.

But, I reason, those tiny underwear were for when I too was tiny, as is no longer the case. I mean, the baby weight is coming off and I am feeling sort of hot now that I've got this new underwear... hmm. We'll have to wait another few months to see.

For the time being I guess I will have to be satisfied with my wonderful purchases and hold on to the tiny underwear, tucking them safely in the back of my overfilled underwear drawer behind the maternity bras and now the nursing bras for future (hopefully!) use.

And speaking of nursing bras, why are they so damned ugly? Is it just me or do they totally stink? The straps are so wide I feel like I am wearing shoulder pads and they only come in basic colors like black, white and tan. Actually, that doesn't bother me so much as the point is those colors can be worn under anything.

The lack of padding in the nursing bras I've seen does not help my cause for NO NIPPLE SHOW though. I did check out the Lilly Pads at the recommendation of many readers and I have to admit I LOVED using them. I wore them under a strapless dress to a party recently and felt cute and sexy instead of overweight and tired.

Actually, I felt overweight and tired, but pretty and sexy too so I guess it all balances out.

That is the point of pretty underwear though, no--to make you feel good even when you feel bad? It's like a little pick me up, at least for me. If underwear is not pretty or at least attractive--and that can mean basic and frills-free--and doesn't make you feel like a million bucks it is simply not worth it.

I refused to buy any maternity underwear because it was just so darned huge and hideous. I didn't want to admit to myself that anything other than my tummy was going to get THAT big. But it did. And I wore my "period" underwear. This choice, however, allowed me more cashola to spend on the bras which were more of a necessity. This also allowed me to hit the Jockey store and make said fabulous purchases.

So what about you? Do you love underwear and does it make you feel good when you know you're wearing something awesome under there? Or, is there something else that you do for yourself to make yourself look and feel good?

It's really hard after having a baby to have the time and energy to look good and feel good, it really is. For me the new undies was a simple, functional way of making myself look good and feel sexy! My husband doesn't seem to mind a bit.

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