ParentDish Sleepover for Sunday, July 15, 2007

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Here it is, once again, the end of the weekend. The kids are enjoying a much needed nap, giving me a chance to trip lightly across the internet. Here are some pretty fascinating posts I came across out there in the hinterland.

This first post makes me want to slap Tom Cruise (more than usual). Cate of A Beautiful Life was finally able to write about her post-partum depression with which she was diagnosed in February. It's a powerful story with, luckily, a happy ending. It's easy to see how debilitating this condition can be and how difficult it is to overcome.

Next up, Janice of Twist & Skewer writes about her mothering instincts and how someone harming her baby (who happens to be sixteen years old and six inches taller than her) makes her want to go postal on their sorry butts. By the way, for those less violent than I, Kalashnikov refers to the AK-47 assault rifle, designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. Unfortunately, time marches on and you can never go back.

On a lighter note, Matthew Baldwin at the Defective Yeti tells a tale that every father can understand. Not, perhaps, the exact details, but of the need to defend oneself to ones spouse and child for what must have seemed like the actions of a madman. "don't cry, it was just one of your father's ... 'episodes' ..." Luckily for him, there is the internet to be called up on as witness for the defense. And yet, somehow, despite being wholly innocent, he ends up being found guilty.

Ah, well, time to get back to reality. Have a great week!

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