Sometimes, I just want to toss it all

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When it comes to pregnancy and parenting, I often find myself encouraging other women not to beat themselves up over things. If you want a coffee while pregnant, drink it. If your kid is begging for that second (or third) pudding cup and it has been a long day... go for it.

And yet, sometimes, I find myself feeling so guilty about things. It is easy to say that I have a love hate relationship with technology. Love, obviously because I have blogged at my personal blog for four years. I write for Parent Dish. I read some blogs (though I really don't read too many anymore due to life/work) and have made many friends through the 'net. After four years of wanting, I finally got a TIVO for Christmas, something I never thought would happen.

But, at the same time, I hate technology. I hate how I see people walking around, talking on cell phones instead of the person they are with. I hate seeing parents with the iPod in their ears instead of paying any form of attention to the child in the basket at the grocery store. I hate the commercialization of childhood and how so many children end up sitting in front of the tube and computer. I hate how I've let my kids watch more television than I'd like to admit.

I don't think the television is bad. I think that sometimes it is okay to let a child watch TV. It is just so easy on those days when you're feeling tired or stressed to say "fine." I've made much more of an effort to get my daughter engaged in pretend play during the day. I love seeing her take all her "babies" and make them go down the "slide." I love to see her racing in the house.

Sometimes I dream about picking up the television and locking it in the closet. But, honestly, I don't think I can. Why? It is my security blanket. The TV is my backup. I am a wuss and I feel horribly guilty about it.

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