The mega-meltdown

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If you were in the San Carlos, California Office Depot yesterday around lunchtime or, for that matter, anywhere within a hundred mile radius, that ruckus you heard was Jared having a mega-meltdown. The kicking and screaming, the wailing and crying -- it was all Jared. I apologize for the disturbance.

We're still not entirely clear on what happened. I was in the print shop getting something printed and Rachel was shopping for some school supplies. I heard the commotion from across the store and then Rachel called for me to come get him. I left mid-transaction, picked up Jared, and carried him outside where we talked about what was going on. According to Jared, Sara wouldn't let him push the shopping cart.

The screaming and crying and hysterics lasted for quite a while. Rachel pretty much gave up on buying what she needed; she paid for what she had and came out. I loaded Jared into the car and went in to pay for my print-outs and collect the CD with my files on it. We stopped on the way home to feed our addiction pick up some lunch at one of our favorite places, but instead of us all piling in to eat there, Rachel sat in the car with the kids while I went in to order our cheesesteaks to go.

When we got there, Jared was still going strong and climbed out of the car, demanding to go in with me. We got him back in the car and I went in to order. Somehow, between the time I entered the restaurant and the time I came out with the food, Rachel had managed to get him to calm down enough that we sat in the car in the parking lot and ate our lunch. After that, we went straight home and put both kids down for a nap. Jared slept a good three or four hours, and was doing much better after waking up.

Most likely, he was just massively overtired. On Saturday, we had gone to two birthday parties and a barbeque; Sunday morning was swim class. We'll be sure to avoid such busy days in the future, but if something like this does happen again, what do we do? How does one handle a mega-meltdown that includes screaming and wailing and the flailing of arms and legs? When even getting the kid in the car is a near impossibility? Anyone have any advice? Are we alone in experiencing a mega-meltdown from a normally very good boy?

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