Travels with Toddlers: Wear those suckers out!

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This week, we're heading out of town with my two toddlers. This car trip, which normally takes eight hours for two adults, will easily take over ten with my two in tow. Argh!

We've made the trip multiple times over the years and have adjusted it according to what works and what doesn't.

What doesn't work: Leaving at four in the morning. Once my kids are up, they are up. They also won't nap in the car, so I end up with two very awake and very annoyed kids.

What works: Leaving later on in the day. This time, we're hoping to hit the road at about four in the afternoon. We'll drive three to four hours (to Dallas, Texas) and stop to have a snack and let the kids run around at a fast food joint. We'll probably end up getting to town after midnight, but I'm a night owl, so this works for me.

What we're unsure of: Will they fall asleep in the car at night time? Should we eat dinner before we go (earlier than usual) and bathe the kids to put them in their pajamas? Would that be a bad idea? Can a toddler who is usually potty-trained at home (and out) hold it in a car trip that goes through a lot of barren land?

What we think will work: Wearing them out! My plan for Tuesday (the day we travel) is a Day of Fun. I'm hoping it doesn't rain so I can bring them to the pool to splish and splash to their heart's content. Want to go outside, even though the humidity is through the roof? Sure! Want to scream and jump and act a fool? Go ahead!

What has worked for you with traveling with little ones? Most of the "advice" on the 'net seems, ahem, like it wouldn't work for my kids. I doubt they'd be interested in a "puppet show" for more than two minutes and reading books aloud? Forget about it.

All help is needed; my sanity thanks you.

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