Video game addiction blamed for child abuse

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A young Nevada couple who were so completely obsessed with video games that they completely neglected their 1 and 2-year-old children have pleaded guilty to child abuse.

25-year old Michael and 23-year old Iana Straw were apparently so completely immersed in Dungeons and Dragons that they did not notice that their 11-month old daughter weighed 11 pounds, that their nearly-two-year old son was starving and infected. Authorities had to shave the head of the little girl because her hair was matted with cat urine. I want to throw up.

Apparently the American Medical Association is pondering a proposal to designate video game addiction as a mental disorder, in the same vein as alcoholism. While my knee-jerk reaction to the medical disease of Video Game Addiction is: complete, ridiculous hoey, I kind of want to believe in its truth because I cannot fathom how a make-believe game could be more important to someone than feeding their tiny children.

Both children are apparently recovering well and gaining weight and medical attention in foster care. Thank god for that. I hope they don't remember any of this when they're older, but what an atrocious way to start life.

Man. I am sitting here blinking at my computer screen, aghast. Normally, children belong with their parents, no matter what, but even if these two parents went to video game rehab and swore that they were completely reformed, I'm not sure I believe they should ever have their kids back. Video game addiction? Will we ever cease with the bad excuses for inexcusable behavior?

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