Was texting the cause of fatal crash?

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Back in the middle of June, I reported on a study that found that two-thirds of kids aged 18 to 24 thought it okay to send text messages while they were driving. I didn't think it a good idea then and my feelings haven't changed after reading this article from Yahoo News.

On June 28, Bailey Goodman was driving four of her friends down a winding, two-lane highway when her SUV swerved into oncoming traffic and collided with a big rig. All five girls were killed. They had all just graduated from high school where they had been cheerleaders together. Now police had released some of their findings about what happened on that deadly evening.

Goodman's inexperience likely played a part, as did her excessive speed, but now it turns out that the driver's phone was being used to make calls and send text messages at the time of the crash. "The records indicate her phone was in use," said Sheriff Phil Povero. "We will never be able to clearly state that she was the one doing the text messaging. ... We all certainly know that cell phones are a distraction and could be a contributing factor in this accident."

Just two minutes before the crash was reported, a text message was sent to from her phone to a friend; a reply came about a minute later. Police ruled out alcohol as a cause of the accident and found no evidence of drug use. The loss of so many young people so unnecessarily is a tragedy. Whether or not the cell phone use was a significant factor in the accident, it certainly could have been. Perhaps this can serve as a lesson to other kids that when their driving, they should be driving, not texting.

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