Indian women's wombs for rent

Would you rent out your womb to make some extra cash? Apparently a growing number of women in India are doing just that. And it's freaking me out.

According to an article I read in Marie Claire (take it or leave it, ladies, but it was in print) couples in the United States who are, for whatever reason, unable to or uninterested in carrying pregnancies to term in their own wombs are turning to women in India to do it.

I've heard of publishing companies outsourcing typesetting to India, but this seems a bit extreme and ridiculous.

Although I couldn't dig up the article for you online, it can be found in the August issue of Marie Claire featuring growing star Anne Hathaway on the cover. The article is titled "Womb for Rent" and is wriiten by Abigail Haworth.

Scary similarities to Brave New World and the Sci-Fi genre in general, I think it would emotionally be very hard to have a baby, even if it weren't made of your own genetic material, and then have to turn it over to people who were basically strangers.

Of course, surrogate parenting is nothing new in this country. It's a service that has provided many women with the opportunity to have a family when they otherwise could not. What interested me about this article is that the women involved were doing it to make money.

If you get a chance, check out the article and let me know what you think! If nothing else it makes for some very interesting reading.

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