My 3 year-old collects Pez dispensers

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One of the great things about really young children is that it just doesn't take much to make them happy. A 14 year-old wants, and often demands, items carrying a three figure price tag. But a preschooler? A cardboard box can make them happy, and if you end up spending money often 99 cents will do the trick. One item my preschooler, Devon, has tuned in to is Pez dispensers. When the hype of Shrek hit this spring it was the Pez dispensers that caught his eye. There, all in one display, was the entire Shrek gang of Shrek, Fiona, Puss and Boots and Donkey. Even better his small, chubby hands could accommodate them all. And best of all, at least in my eyes, they were less than a dollar each.

Since our Pez encounter I have started to notice the little candy givers just about everywhere. I have never been hip to the Pez scene because my mother deeply believed that anything containing sugar or made out of plastic was evil and was never allowed within the confines of our home, but you can find just about anything atop the plastic candy chutes. We now have most of the cast from Ratatouille living in harmony among the Shrek characters in our home. I think perhaps my most favorite is the new collection of Elvis Pez that has been released in a tin complete with a CD. I must admit that although I have bought this one, I haven't been able to bring myself to give it to my son. I might keep that one under wraps until he is a bit older and able to appreciate the weirdness of it.

Do you collect Pez? If so, do you have any special dispensers? Or do you share them with your kids?

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