Britney, mom, now hitting each other

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Just when you thought the battle between Britney Spears and the mother she estranged through poetry couldn't get any worse, MSNBC reports that the pair's relationship has descended into physical violence. According to the site's gossip column, a recent encounter between Crazy Spears and Mama Spears resulted in a "shocking slapfest."

Apparently Britney's mom "barged into the house" and demanded to take her grandkids out for some "private time," -- all the while "denigrating Britney's mother skills." Not surprisingly, things went downhill from there. This, incidentally, was the fight that led to Britney hand-delivering court papers to her mother -- documents that bar mama from seeing Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Sure, at first the thought of a mother and grandmother smacking each other around in front of the kids seems disturbing, but maybe this is what these two need to finally resolve this domestic disagreement. I envision a full-scale boxing match, Britney in one corner, mama Spears in the other -- complete with TV cameras, endorsement deals, and maybe even hosted by Jerry Springer. As far as I can tell, it'd be the most fitting end to this otherwise depressing little saga.

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