Good news and bad news at the dentist

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I've been spending an awful lot of time in the dentist's chair lately. An old root canal went bad, another tooth needed a crown and my wisdom teeth had to come out. All in all, it's been a painful and expensive year for my mouth.

On my last visit, I brought Ellie along for her cleaning and checkup. I had been dreading her appointment because I was nervous about what the dentist might find. Ellie is pretty good about brushing and flossing, but at her last checkup, she had several cavities. Over a period of about two months, we had those cavities filled and stepped up our efforts at keeping her teeth clean.

This time, the dentist had good news and bad news. The good news is she has no new cavities. The bad news is one of the fillings from last time isn't doing so well. From what I understand, baby teeth don't always hold large fillings very well and that is the case with this tooth. She hasn't complained of any pain, but the dentist says it shows signs of infection and recommends that the tooth be pulled. As if that wasn't bad enough, the tooth right next to it looks questionable as well. He wants to pull them both and place a spacer in there until the permanent teeth erupt. Christy did not have these dental problems and I am a little freaked by the idea that Ellie will be missing two teeth for at least three years.

I've decided to take her for second opinion, just to be sure. Have you dealt with having baby teeth extracted with your child? Is this really necessary?

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