Jennifer Garner possibly pregnant again!

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What with the fun Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck seem to be having with their adorable little daughter Violet I wouldn't be surprised if this frivolous but entertaining (and fresh out of the oven) rumor were true. Jenn has been spotted wearing loose fitting clothing and, according to the Perez Hilton website, has been gaining a little weight.

Neither of these things necessarily means one is pregnant. But in the land of celebrity if you eat something or wear anything that doesn't make you look like a hooker you just might be pregnant. At least the media hope you are so they an add to the circus that is already your life.

Violet Affleck is just so darned cute, though, that I sort of hope she does have a little brother or sister on the way. All those good genes shouldn't go to waste, right???

We'll let you know more as we hear it. Nice, for a change, to see a celebrity as wholesome and appealing--and who occasionally actually WORKS--in the preggers rumor spotlight (again).

Of course, if Jenn is pregnant again it will be not too soon after she has finally recovered her body from her last pregnancy. And isn't that always the way? You get back in shape, get totally hot again, then bang, you're in for round two.

If this pregnancy things turns out to be true I for one will be most excited and happy for the adorable couple.

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