Celebrity moms and their long-haired boys

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See that beautiful child in the picture with Cindy Crawford? The gorgeous face, the flowing blond locks...that must be her daughter Kaia, right? Wrong. It is her 8-year-old son, Presley. The child is good looking for sure, but doesn't that hair make him look like a girl? According to my recent issue of Star Magazine, Cindy thinks Presley's hair is "surfer-dude cool." Apparently, this is all the rage in Malibu where Cindy lives with her family.

Kate Hudson must live in Malibu, too. Her son, Ryder, sports a similar look. He's quite a bit younger than Presley, but he still looks rather feminine to me.

Does Elle Macpherson have son? In this photo, you would swear she has a daughter. Same with Celine Dion's son Rene Charles.

Clearly this look is popular with celebrity moms. I think the kids are adorable, but am unclear on why these parents, who devote so much time to their own appearance, refuse to trim their children's hair. What do you think of the long-haired boy syndrome that has apparently struck Hollywood?

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