Harry Potter reduces ER visits nationwide

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Just how popular are those Harry Potter books?

The novels sell millions of copies of the weekend after they're released, and according to a study British researchers conducted in 2005, that figure directly correlates to a reduced number of emergency room admissions around the UK. In fact, they speculate that, because so many children are inside reading (instead of chasing around outdoors), ER visits are reduced to half of what they are normally.

These numbers held true following the release of both The Order of the Phoenix and The Half-Blood Price -- despite the fact that both books became available just before pleasant summer weekends (much like this one, in fact).

The study's authors therefore hypothesize (half-jokingly) that "there is a place for a committee of safety-conscious, talented writers who could produce high-quality books for the purpose of injury prevention."

So, moms and dads of the world, it sounds like you can take this weekend off. Chances are, your kids will be so busy finding out who dies at the end of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows that they won't have time to knock out a couple teeth playing dodge ball, or break their arm falling out of a tree, or skin their knee so bad it needs stitches or...

Unless, that is, they manage to give themselves a really nasty paper cut.

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