Kevin Federline redecorates

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The one thing that I always found curious about the whole Kevin Federline story was the assertion from his ex, Shar Jackson, that he was a great dad and that he really cared about his kids. I mean, he left this woman while she was pregnant with his child to run off with Britney Spears. This image of a doting father just didn't square with the baby-making, girlfriend-leaving, hard-partying rapper dude persona portrayed in the press. But as we've seen in recent months, there is another side to Federline.

As evidenced by his recent shopping trip to Los Angeles baby boutique Petit Tresor, Federline can, and will, spend big bucks to make his children happy. According to my favorite rag, Star Magazine, Federline spent $14,000 sprucing up his kid's rooms in his $3.2 million dollar rented home.

He may dress like a gangsta from the hood, but he is pretty traditional when it comes to decorating nurseries. According to a source, Federline personally chose the pricey items for each of the boys he shares with Britney and "really put his heart and soul" into the task. For Sean Preston, he went with a sports theme. Little Jayden James gets a nursery rhyme theme, complete with Kaloo stuffed animals and Alvin and Sparky bears.

Of course, with Britney's money, he can afford to be generous with their children. But I still think it is sweet that he would personally choose the items for their rooms.

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