The real difference between boys and girls

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Today, Ellie asked me to explain to her the difference between boys and girls. Clearly, regardless of my own opinions on the matter, it is not about the hair. Realizing that perhaps I do have some of my own ingrained gender-based stereotypes, I wanted to give this question some thought before blurting out the wrong answer.

So, I did what anyone struggling to answer a difficult question would do. I turned it around and asked her what she thought the differences were. See what I did there? I will find out what she really wants to know by having her answer her own question.

First off, she says "boys have a wiener." Okay, this is good. Does she know the correct term for the so-called wiener? Yes, she does. What else is different? Boys are bigger, stronger and crazier than girls. In general, I cannot argue with that, either.

Then we got to the heart of what she really wanted to know. She wanted to know why boys are allowed to go out in public without a shirt and girls are not. I honestly have no idea and told her so. I asked her if she thought that girls should be allowed to go shirtless, or that boys should not? I was somewhat relieved when she said boys should put their shirts on. But her question remains unanswered. Do you know the answer?

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