$6,299 Hello Kitty robot can recognize, converse with your child

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Hello Kitty is one of those insipid children's cartoon characters that becomes part of their world whether you like it or not. That cat is on everything from toys to clothing to TV shows -- worming her way into your child's psyche in literally thousands of different ways.

And now, for the die-hard fans, comes the Hello Kitty robot.

The uber-toy utilizes both face and voice recognition technology, so it can "remember" your child, and distinguish her from all her insanely jealous little friends. It moves, its mood changes -- it even has a motion sensor (presumably so it can track your daughter's every move, report its findings to the Hello Kitty mainframe, and continue to construct its plan for world domination).

The only drawback is the price tag: $6,299. So, if you're rich, and/or your kid doesn't have any real friends, you can pre-order your robot today!


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