Harry Potter midnight parties: drive-by spoilers

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On Friday, Angie wrote about how she and some fellow parents chose to keep their kids home -- away from the mayhem at their local Harry Potter midnight release party. That may have been a wise move for multiple reasons.

Not only did she and her kids get to bed at a decent hour, they may have been spared having the book ruined by a drive-by "spoiler raid." There's now dozens of videos all over YouTube of people who drove past the long lines outside bookstores around the country, shouting out key plot points (including who dies, and how they go) as hundreds of helpless Potter fans shout back obscenities or stare in disbelief.

It's possible that the "raiders" were just making it up -- but seeing as legit copies of the novels were accidentally released early in New York (the NY Times published their review Thursday), and illegal copies were being swapped on file sharing sites all week, it's also very possible that the spoilers were real.

On a more positive note, Potter fans showed a sense of humor the London release party, by creating signs revealing imagined plot points -- like this woman, who spoils the much-anticipated conclusion to the romance between Harry and his nemesis, Draco Malfoy.

If you've yet to finish your copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, here's hoping that you have no idea how it ends.

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