Even 1-year-olds can use iPhone

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I'm not normally someone who lusts after gadgets, but the new iPhone (dubbed the "Jesus Phone" by tech bloggers) looks amazing. The idea of being able to browse my favorite websites with my finger as I walk down the street is so enticing, that, if the cost of an iPhone wasn't well beyond my budget, I would've been camping out in line outside my local Apple store -- just so I could've been one of the first to buy it.

And little demonstrations like this only make me want it even more. In the above video, Daddy Chad takes his one-year-old son, Trey, through the basics of iPhone use. After some quick instruction, Trey is able to flip through photos like a pro.

It's funny, just last night I was saying to my girlfriend that the generation being born now probably won't ever have a need to print photographs -- they won't see the point. If Trey is any indication, it seems I might have been right.

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