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My husband and I don't go out on 'dates' very often, so babysitters are not really much of a concern for us. Mostly Ellie goes with us wherever we go, and we like it that way. But there are times when we avail ourselves of a babysitter and that's nice, too.

Ironically, the worst babysitter I can recall was my mother. She happened to be in town on my wedding anniversary and stayed home with Ellie while my husband and I went out to dinner. When we returned home about midnight, we found mom sound asleep in the upstairs guest room. Ellie was alone downstairs, watching Access Hollywood and eating peanut butter from the jar. Ellie thought it was great, but I was not amused.

Then there is the one who called my cell phone during the middle of dinner to ask me when I planned to be home. When I left, she had no plans for the evening other than giving Ellie her undivided attention. But at some point, her boyfriend called and now she is anxious to get out of there. Not cool.

I know some people have had much worse luck with babysitters and have the stories to prove it. What's the worse babysitter you ever had?

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