Transformer collection sells for $1 million

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In a story that's a little Lifetime Television for Women with a dash of The Forty-Year Old Virgin, a widow in California sold her late husband's collection of Transformers toys on E-bay for a million dollars.

Titled "The Ultimate Boxed G1 Transformers Collection 1984-1987" the 275 toys were amassed during a time when the young husband was recovering from a motorcycle accident and had discovered the Transformers cartoon on television.

"It just so happened we were walking around the La Mesa, California Toys r Us one fine day that year, shopping for a gift, when, lo and behold, we ended up in the action figure aisle, right smack in front of the Transformers section (which didn't take up an entire aisle back in the day.) "I promise, I just want one," Anthony pleaded, as he slipped Starscream into the shopping cart.

Of course, one Transformer turned into five, then ten, then almost too many to keep track of as each shiny new box revealed a growing checklist that hounded us to 'COLLECT THEM ALL.'

And collect them all, we did! This collection includes every single Transformer produced in 1984, 1985, 1986, and all but a handful of pieces from 1987."

The collecting stopped when Anthony became infected with HIV from the anti-hemophilia treatment he was given while hospitalized for the accident in 1983. He died of AIDS in 1998 at the age of forty.

Nine years later, his widow has found love again, as well as a wonderful nest egg in the mint condition plastic toys kept in storage all this time.


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