7-year-old on TSA's "no fly" list of suspected terrorists

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Somewhere there's a Michael Martin that -- at least according to the TSA -- would pose a security threat if he boarded an aircraft.

But it's not this kid.

This Michael Martin is 7-years-old. He is 3 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 55 lbs. He looks (and is) completely harmless. So why does his mother have to fight for a boarding pass every time he flies?

The TSA says it's the airlines' fault -- claiming that it's their responsibility to automatically remove children from no-fly lists. In fact, the organization's website goes so far as to say that it's a "myth" that children wind up on these lists in the first place.

But the airlines note that they can't verify a person's age when they make an online reservation. They have to see the child face to face in order to determine they are who they say they are.

So Michael and his mom appear to be stuck dealing with the hassle every time they fly on a new airline. In the end, they've always been allowed to board, and I'm sure most people would agree with a "better safe than sorry" system when it comes to air security.

But Michael Martin seems like a relatively common name -- so how many families is this problem effecting? Have you or your children ever been hassled at the airport because your names match those on some mysterious list?

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