Are you ready for the iSing?

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For Christmas we bought my daughter, Edan, a little karaoke player. I love watching her sing along to her favorite punk rock children's CD, fully amplified -- it's hysterical.

However, I think I'd be far less excited if she was a teenager, belting out the latest inane pop song, or some rap/metal/hardcore number in which the listener is told to "go [expletive]" himself over and over again. Nevertheless, that seems to be where we're heading, as a karaoke version the iPod has hit the streets -- called, not surprisingly, iSing.

Not that I mind teenagers or offensive music (or pop music, assuming the two are mutually exclusive), but hearing people sing without any backing track is only funny for a few seconds before it becomes mind-numbingly irritating.

That said, it looks like there's a function to play back the songs with your voice dubbed over the original music, which is pretty cool. But parents of teenagers -- please, I'm begging you -- make your kids play with their new iSing at home, far away from the rest of us.

[via Gizmodo]


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