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After attending the infant safety/CPR class last month I decided it would be best to move into a one-room house with no furniture and no corners. I felt much the same way after perusing these 100 safety and childproofing tips offered my ParentWonder.com.

The list is extensive, covering obvious things like #86--giving your child age-appropriate toys to play with. It also touches on things we tend to forget about like #92--many plants are toxic and should be kept out of children's reach (or given away).

Before getting down to brass tacks, though, the folks at ParentWonder offer some grizzly statistics on the number of incidents and deaths each year, most of which it appears are preventable. According to this article, between 75--90% of incidents per year could be avoided.

The list covers windows/doors, kitchens, bathrooms, electrical, laundry, outdoors, bedroom, living room, stairs, traveling, heating/cooling, the dreaded pool and a host of other areas.

So take ten minutes and peruse the list. You may be surprised just what's on it. Certainly common sense plays a role in keeping our children safe, but I for one am glad lists like this one exist. Although the information contained scares me--I feel like everything is a danger now!--I'm glad to know I can control the environment and make it a safe one for my son.

See any tips not on this list you'd like to add? If so, let me know!

Thanks to Abel Cheng, who points out how especially important these safety tips can be during the summer, when children tend to be home more often, for the tip.

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