Fighting the face rash

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So my son has this rash, on his face. It's been there for nearly a month now. It appeared just in time for our trip to visit the grandparents and has held steady, in one form or another, since then. That was nearly four weeks ago, although in baby time it feels like forever.

We've been to the doctor twice about the rash already. Both pediatricians we saw (we go to a practice of four) gave us good advice and took their time in examining our son to be sure the cause of the rash wasn't bacterial. Ew. Both prescribed topical remedies which we dutifully carried out over the following few weeks.

We started off treating the rash with Eucerin Plus, which by the way is PRICEY and Aquafor. Aquafor has been a cure-all for practically every skin ailment I have encountered. It seemed to get the rash under control but was unable to get rid of it. As the ped explained, the Aquafor was basically treating the symptom, not the cause.

Then we took more drastic measures and began applying hydrocortisone. Even though it was a mild 1% solution I was still worried it would be too strong for the baby's delicate skin, especially since it was on his face.

Frankly, had the rash been anywhere other than all over his face I would have not worried about it so much. It just makes my son look like such a mess. Also, it mars his cuteness, and no mama can have that.

The hydrocortisone seemed to help but did make his face redder upon application. We tempered it by continuing with the Aquafor for another ten days to two weeks. And the rash is STILL there.

A colleague of mine suggested trying flax oil to get rid of the rash. I figured it couldn't possibly make matters worse (although I guess things can always get worse; he could have an allergic reaction) so I picked up a bottle of the organic variety--not that being organic matters so much, it's just what was in stock at the coop.

We've been applying the flax oil three times a day and Aquafor-ing at night. Although the rash has still not healed it does seem to be getting better. It is not, however, disappearing with the rapidity I would like to see.

I guess we'll have to go back to the doctor and see if there is anything else that can be done. As my ped explained to me, babies tend to get rashes on their faces quite often, due primarily to all the slobbering they do.

My son can slobber with the best of them, soaking entire outfits in the blink of an eye. In fact, we went to the store to purchase more bibs for him because he was going through them so quickly.

We think the rash appeared due to heat and slobber getting all over the baby bjorn which in turn then was rubbing all over his face.

To be honest, if a face rash is the worst thing I have to contend with then so be it. I am lucky I have so few issues with my son--no issues, in fact--and to not have to constantly worry about his safety and well-being. Oh, who am I kidding? I am a mama now, so all I do is worry about those things.

Still, I wish the face rash was "curable." I wish there were something I could do to make it go away. My son doesn't seem to be in any pain from the rash, nor does it seem to itch him at all. It just looks unsightly.

If you have any tricks up your sleeve I'd love to hear them. We're willing to give pretty much anything a shot at this point, now that I've already given in to the hydrocortisone.

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