When celebrity parents hawk their children

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You know whose kids we haven't been bombarded with pictures of? Whose kids we haven't seen their celebrity parents walking to school or hitting a playland in France or attending soccer games with other celebrity parents and their celebrity kids in a big celebrity love in?

Whose parents haven't turned their infant children into a paycheck by selling exclusive photo rights to come sleazy dirt mag and then making a public spectacle out of the deal through which they pockets millions?

Whose parents aren't proving to the world once and for all that it's ok to not bother raising your children because you're too busy boozing it up, making fat dough breezing your way through crappy movies or gallivanting all over la la land (see: Hollywood) in $1,000 sweatsuits?

I'll tell you who. It's Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's kids, Apple and Moses.

And you know what? It's refreshing.

I don't even know what those kids look like. And I don't care. I am SO OVER this latest trend in celebrity, that of exploiting your children for personal gain, because the limelight isn't shining brightly enough on you already.

Thank god these people have the decency to keep their children out of the spotlight, and in school where they belong.

I can't speak for the rest of their parenting skills, and being a new mom I am no one to judge, but it seems to me that step one in raising a well-rounded, happy child is to keep them away from the paparazzi, not use them as bait.

In fact, I'm sure I'm wrong. I'm sure there are thousands of photos of Gwyn's kids all over the place and I'm just not looking hard enough. In fact, I'm not looking at all.

Just sayin'.

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