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18 months ago, I barely knew what a blog was. Years ago I'd heard about these mysterious personal diaries and political gossip websites on the news, but was so disappointed by the "what I had for lunch" content I found after I entered "blog" in a Google search that it turned me off to the entire concept.

Then, 9 months ago, I found two writers whose opinions about fatherhood were so awesome and hysterical that they changed my mind. I immediately absorbed anything they wrote -- and, slowly but surely, began to discover others, until I was consumed by this whole, enormous, blogging thing.

So much so, that I started writing my own.

I know many of you also keep personal blogs, so you can understand the liberating feeling that comes from sitting down, and hammering out the kinds of personal details you probably wouldn't share with a co-worker -- even some close friends. It helped me understand the kind of parent I was, and the kind of parent I wanted to be. Most of all, it helped me get closer to my daughter.

But a few months ago I stopped writing -- for a number of reasons -- but the point is, I didn't think much of it. The posts just stopped appearing one day, and after a few weeks, I figured that'd be the end of it. However, it was only then (when I kept getting emails from friends asking if I was alright), that I realized how much I missed the community people I'd grown to think of as friends -- even though we'd never met face to face.

And just like that, it was easy to write again.

For those of you that keep personal blogs, I wonder: why'd you start? And, especially if you've writing for awhile, what keeps you going?

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