Songs you shouldn't sing

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Last weekend, we took the kids to the park -- Jared had a t-ball "game" and I took Sara to the playground to keep her out of trouble. As I watched her climb the structures or swing on the swings, I listened to my iPod. I enjoyed some Beethoven piano sonatas, jazzed it up with Rodrigo y Gabriella, and then switched to classic Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Music is pretty important to me; I can really get into it. "Sweet Home Alabama" is a great song to sing along with and, since there were few people around to suffer my caterwauling, sing along I did. It wasn't until the second song was almost over that I realized it might not be the best set of lyrics to be singing at the playground -- the chorus begins with a very suggestive "What's your name, little girl?"

I decided to hold off until the next song and then to consider the lyrics before belting them out. Are there any songs you enjoy that might not be the best choice for a playground serenade?

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