Students protest see-through back packs

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Of all the legitimate reasons today's youth has to be really angry about what is going on in the world, it seems to me that being forced to carry a see-through book bag should rate pretty low. But for some students, this infringement upon their 'right' to carry their possessions in the back pack of their choice has made their high schools resemble "prisons or police states."

Wissahickon High School in Philadelphia recently banned all but clear or mesh back backs from the halls. Students are so incensed by this that they have started an online group called "Hell No I'm Not Wearing a See-Through Backpack" to protest. They are planning petitions, protest T-shirts and even a day of silence when school opens.

"We see it as an invasion of our personal space and privacy," said Joe Salvo, a student and organizer of the online group. "It's the idea that our rights are going to be slowly taken away in the name of safety that bothers me. . . . How far are they willing to take this?"

On the flip side, experts say that schools have a legal right to impose such restrictions - some have banned backpacks entirely and many schools require students to pass through metal detectors before entering. I think it is a sad state of affairs that schools feel it necessary to impose these rules, but I personally don't have a problem with them. I understand the sentiment behind the protest, but when did carrying a backpack to school become a right?

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