"Only kids can wear Crocs"

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Who wears the Crocs in your family?

It's fine for your kids, but, according to The Manolo, the world's foremost shoe fashion blogger, "if you are the fully grown person should avoid these ridiculous and childish rubber monstrosities."

Pretty harsh, but I have to agree. Where as celebrity kids look cute running around in the brightly-colored plastic clogs, celebrity grown-ups most-certainly do not. Just think of how silly they must look on a normal person who hasn't made millions of dollars based on their talent and eccentric personality.

And in response to those who claim Crocs are so comfortable that they don't mind the fashion faux pas, The Manolo elegantly responds: "so are the cardboard boxes filled with the combination of styrofoam packing peanuts and Vaseline ... the sensible person knows not to submerge their feets [sic] into such things ..."

Not that I care how you dress, but just sayin'.

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