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Realizing that blogs are a great medium for anyone to share information on a topic, Jack McClellan started his own. Only Jack didn't want a place to discuss American Idol or give tips on fly fishing- his site is a forum to promote the acceptance of pedophiles and to direct other pedophiles to the events and places where children tend to gather in Los Angeles. The blog also contained nonsexual photographs he had taken of children in public places. McClellan's site was shut down by the server a few weeks ago, but he plans to restart it with a Dutch server.

"Just the idea that this person could get away with what he was doing and no one could press charges has made me angry," said Jane Thompson, a stay-at-home mother in East Los Angeles who recently read Mr. McClellan's comments about a festival in her neighborhood in which he seemed to be describing her child. Because McClellan doesn't have a criminal record and his site isn't breaking any laws and is protected by the First Amendment, police officers can't really do much.

Parents in the area have started posting "Jack sightings" and even photographs of McClellan in an attempt to keep kids safe and other parents informed of the whereabouts of the man who calls himself a pedophile but claims to have never sexually touched a child.

Logically, I realize anyone can easily find local children activities online, but the thought of a pedophile compiling an illustrated list for fellow perverts (and taking pictures of kids he finds interesting) disturbs me greatly.

Something needs to be done before a child is molested or a parent snaps takes care of the the problem themselves.

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