We are all done with diapers in our house!

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In March I made a big splurge at CostCo, I bought one of the largest boxes of size 5 diapers that I could find. It was so big that after I unloaded the bladders full of diapers and packed them away in a closet, Devon, my almost 3 year-old fancied the empty box to be a boat and spent many an afternoon sailing it through the living room until one of the dogs ate the box. Usually we would have consumed that many diapers within a month, but right about that time something magical happened: the child sized potty that spent the winter on the bathroom floor unused and under appreciated suddenly attracted Devon's undivided attention.

I can not take much credit for Devon's zest to use his pint sized toilet. He had seen other kids potty training during his three half days of preschool for quite some time. Something must have suddenly clicked with him because within a matter of several weeks the deed was done. True, it was a messy few weeks filled with many public pee incidents, but there were no tears and the end result is great: no more diapers to litter the landfills for us!

Now Devon has a budding collection of Shrek and Nemo underpants that he proudly displays to just about anybody willing to look. We still have several diapers left from that last box just in case we face a long car ride in the desert, but I am looking forward to never buying another box of diapers again.

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