Hell's kitchen at the Beckham house

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I rarely watch TV, but when it's on, I love to watch Hell's Kitchen. I worked as a waitress and a hostess for over a decade, and I can say without hesitation that it's the most stressful, insanity-inducing job I've ever had. I cannot imagine what it would be like dealing with cantankerous customers and late-night tray-arm with the added horror of a boss like Gordon Ramsay. The man is even more terrifying than he is brilliant. But still, I love to watch his fury unfold, as long as it's nowhere near me.

Now Magazine is reporting that the chef - famous for food and foul temper - has been invited to be a guest of the Beckham family at their home in LA. The article has a picture of Ramsay and his family, including four beautiful kids. I am hoping that his temper is reserved exclusively for adults, and perhaps embellished for reality TV. The only thing scarier than a boss like Gordon Ramsay would be a Dad of the same temperament.


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