Image of the Day: Riding high

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One of the best parts about being a small person is that you can perch just about anywhere for a better view. Such is the case with this little guy. And doesn't he look like he thinks his bird's eye view is just about the best thing in the world? I love the way his hands are clasped over his mouth in awe as he enjoys his new view. A big thank you to windrant for sharing this moment with us here at Image of the Day.

Tomorrow kicks off the month of August. It is the last month of summer and we here at Image of the Day are looking for pictures with an "outside' theme. Show us how you are celebrating this last month in the bright sunshine of warm afternoons.

If you'd like your own picture featured here, simply upload photos into our group Flickr Pool - We'll select an image every day to highlight. Remember: we're on the lookout for shots with interesting backgrounds, cool angles, or original composition. Be sure to read the intro on the main Flickr page for more information and limit your uploading to 5 photos per day.


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