Nicolas Cage and son create comic book

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I am a big fan of actor Nicolas Cage. He's not traditional Hollywood leading man material, but that is exactly what I find appealing about him. I imagine if I ever actually met him, he would be as quirky and interesting in real life as he is in the movies.

Quirky and interesting must run in the Cage family. The actor and his 16-year-old son Weston recently debuted their comic book , Voodoo Child, at Comic-Con, a pop culture exposition. Weston came up with the idea for the main character, Gabriel, a bi-racial teenage ghost fighting bigotry in post-Katrina New Orleans. The first issue of the six-book series was released this month and Cage is hoping it makes it to the big screen.

"I have very high hopes to push 'Voodoo Child' into script and production ... and perhaps play a role in the movie," he said. "We have those ideas in motion." If it happens, Weston says he would like to play a villain in the film.

Cage says he is inspired by his son and hopes to work with him on more comic books in the future. "This is a highlight in my life," Cage said, "that I got to create something with my son." Quirky, interesting, and an involved father. I like him even more now.

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