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This slide show of photos was simply too cute to not share with you. It's all pictures of twins! Some of the pictures are pretty old, which makes them all the more fascinating. Some of them are simply so beautiful they must be viewed.

I don't know about you, but I always fantasized about being a twin. Specifically, I fantasized that my twin was given away or there was a mix-up at the hospital, and that we then found each other later in life. My twin would then be my best friend forever and we'd braid each other's hair or some crap like that. Like I said, it was a fantasy.

I never had any siblings, so I clearly had no idea what I was fantasizing about. To hear my friends with brothers and sisters tell it, having a sibling was basically a pain in the butt. My point of view on this was that at least these friends of mine had someone to share their "OMG: Did mom/dad just say/do THAT???" moments.

Or not. From what I hear it is hard enough to have an identity outside of that as the shadow of your sister or brother. Imagine how it must be for twins? There's always the prettier twin, the smarter twin, that kind of thing. Trust me--I read Sweet Valley High, I know how this game is played out. Despite the fighting, etc., the SVH twins always remained true to each other, putting family first.

At least that's how I remember the series in my mind. Again, could just be fantasizing here.

Take ten minutes to peruse these photos of twins. They're truly spellbinding, even if you never had the fantasy that you were separated from your twin at birth.

Awesome pic of twins depicted on a mural by Franco Folini!

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