Would you play spin the baby?

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When Jared was born, Rachel agreed that she would handle the input and I would handle the output. Unfortunately, I didn't realize at the time that the output kept coming long after she stopped providing the input. With Sara, I still handled most of the output while she handled the input, but we split it more evenly. Of course, the non-changing parent had to take care of Jared while the diapering took place. Occasionally, there would be some discussion or negotiating to see who would handle a particularly unpleasant diaper -- having almost no sense of smell, I often ended up doing the duty, so to speak.

One family, however, has come up with a novel way of assigning the task of changing a poopy diaper. They play spin the baby and whoever the baby lands on, gets to change the diaper. I don't know if this is bad for the kid, but it certainly can't be good for him. Still, he does seem to really enjoy it. Plus, it's got to be safer than spinning a kid around like an airplane -- at least there's no chance of dropping him. What do you think?


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