Back to school shopping? Try this Star Wars Chewbacca backpack

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I was a total nerd in school. And, like most nerdy kids, I made the mistake of trying to be cool -- when, let's be honest, it was never going to happen. What I should've done was embrace my geekiness, proudly declaring to both the popular kids and the world that I was proud to be a brainy, overly-emotional social misfit.

This brings me to the Chewbacca backpack. It's cool in the same way old-school VW bugs are cool -- as in, it's so ugly that there's nothing you can do but love it completely. Plus, it references one of the best movies of all time.

Now your child can be like Han Solo, accompanied by his or her ever-faithful, unintelligible furry companion, Chewy. I imagine them battling all their equally-as-geeky friends who bought the Darth Vader backpack I wrote about previously.

May The Force be with you.


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