Digital drawing tool means no more crayon on the walls

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Shockingly, we've never had a drawing on the wall incident in our house (at least, not yet). However, Edan's only 3, I fear for the times ahead -- when, even though she knows that marking crayon all over the house isn't allowed, that she'll get mad at me for something and decide do it anyway.

Is there any stopping this? Probably not -- but a little deterrent certainly couldn't hurt. Plus, this Digital drawing technology from Phillips really is remarkable.

Says Phillips:

Drag and Draw is a set of digital drawing tools. It consists of a multicolor 'Brush', an 'Eraser', and a 'Magic Wand' to bring their drawings to life and a 'Bucket' to project the virtual drawings onto the wall.

In all honesty, I think the main reason I'm interested in one of these for my daughter is so I can play with it myself.

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