Going from the sippy to the cup

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When my daughter was about 13-months-old, we had a battle of the wills regarding the sippy cup. Basically, we wanted her to take it and she did not. I have to admit; she got pretty good at throwing the thing at our heads when we offered it to her.

Now, many, many months later, she's a sippy girl. In fact, she's 3-years-old and, according to everyone else around me, we need to have that child drinking out of a regular cup at all times. She's perfectly capable of drinking from a real cup, it is just that...those things spill.

One slide of the arm and milk goes all over dinner. Turn around and she's on the couch, holding that cup of water. I already have enough messes to clean; I do not need to end up soaking milk out of my cushions.

I'm curious as to when most other people give up the sippy cups. I'm more than happy to let her drink from that regular cup, promising that she will sign a waiver that says she promises never to spill milk on my bed.

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