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Life as a parent is very different from life BK -- Before Kids. (Duh!) When you don't have kids, you can do all kinds of things without having to worry too much about the consequences. You can drink two litres of wine and go skateboarding down the middle of a busy street in the rain late at night. You don't have to have life insurance. You can reserve you cellphone's memory for hot chicks and nightclubs and never have to worry about the number for poison control.

Once you're a parent, however, you suddenly have to become responsible. You have to watch what words you use ("that's a mommy doggie, 'cause puppy dogs have mommies too"), you have to set a good example by putting your underwear in the hamper (we're still working on that one), and you do need to know the number for poison control. In fact, you probably want to have that one programmed into your cellphone.

Here's a list of more than a dozen numbers you probably ought to have in your phone, now that you're a parent. These are great suggestions and a lot of them may be ones you wouldn't think of. Be sure to read the comments, too, for some more good ideas -- your kids' schools are important ones.


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