Soda -- not so good for you

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When I was growing up, we never drank soda, except maybe once or twice a year when we went out to dinner if we were really, really, good. We drank milk like it was going out of style. In high school, I discovered Pineapple Crush and my life changed. I still drank lots of milk, however. I would go climbing on a Saturday with some salami, dark chocolate, and a quart of milk. I always drank the milk in the bottom of my cereal bowl, and I still think milk goes better with pizza than beer.

After high school, I spent the obligatory summer working at McDonald's where the soda was free for the employees. I definitely blame the gallons of Diet Coke I drank there for much of the subsequent dental work I had to suffer through. Nowadays, I try to limit my Soda intake to one, maybe two glasses a day, sticking mostly to water. The kids, however, have never had soda and, hopefully, never will, so long as they are still growing and under my control.

While that might seem a bit extreme, here's a list of eight reasons that make our policy look much more rational. Note that the list has been compiled by a company that distributes water ionizers; that, however, doesn't invalidate the points they make. Jared and Sara love milk and water; they don't seem to have any interest in soda and I'd like to keep it that way. What do you think? Do you let your kids drink soda?

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