Woman fakes pregnancy with multiples

Pregnancy can be a stressful state for most people, but factor in a husband in the military and FOUR fetuses and you have the conditions for a perfect storm of prenatal maternal angst.

That's the position Clarissa Linnabary found herself in. When the 27 year old shared the news about her quadruplet pregnancy (2 boys, 2 girls) she received gifts, donations, and discounts from Navy and Marine Corps families, local businesses and friends in her town. A car dealership did $1,300 work on Linnabary's car for free and a local consignment shop donated three cribs and new living room furniture to help out the soon-to-be expanding family.

There was only one problem, Linnabary wasn't pregnant.

Authorities started an investigation after officials at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base - where her husband, Lance Cpl. Vernon Linnabary, is a Marine armorer - received an anonymous e-mail "raising questions and concerns about the pregnancy," said Ed Buczek, a base public affairs officer. A two week investigation turned up thousands of dollars in donations from people wanting to help. She was charged with theft by deception and was released on $3,550 bail.

And not only had Linnabary fooled her entire community, she apparently even managed to trick her own husband. Vernon Linnabary learned his wife was not expecting when investigators contacted him and hasn't been charged with anything but will be known forever as the dimwit who didn't notice that his wife wasn't pregnant with four babies.

Boy, I'd like to interview this woman! I'm so intrigued by how in the world she planned to pull this off.

  • Tragic miscarriage? There'd be some sort of medical intervention or follow-up required at some point that would expose her.
  • A fake home birth wouldn't work, no midwife would go near a multiple birth of this size and with no prenatal care.
  • Babies abducted by a forced C-section: this scenario has potential but would depend on Linnabary's squeamish factor. Could she give herself a C-section or have to hire someone else to do it? In the end it wouldn't help, as her non-pregnant state would be glaringly evident to medical professionals.

I do hope this woman gets the mental help she needs. It was pretty crazy to think that this was an appropriate way to deal with whatever was going on in her life at the time.

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