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I, like many other women (and men) in the blog world, just returned from Chicago and the BlogHer conference. Besides getting to meet a few of my "co-workers" here at Parent Dish (Kristin! Jen! Susan!), I also got to meet a bunch of new bloggers.

I figured once I left the W Hotel in beautiful downtown Chicago that my blogger meetings were up. But, no! In fact, I ran into two bloggers once my plane had landed in Houston: Girl Con Queso and Jenny from The Bloggess!

Like many others, I went home and logged onto my computer to see what others were saying about the conference. What was their favorite part? Least favorite? I have to say that Jenny's "love letter" to Amy Sedaris made me laugh out loud.

You see, Amy Sedaris was quite the superstar at BlogHer. She's a comedian, crafter and all-out funny gal. She's also the sister of the incredibly talented David Sedaris, who writes some of the best books out there.

Click here to read Jenny's "love letter" to Amy. That girl has some major balls to do something like that; I think of myself as somewhat gutsy and I doubt even I could do that.

If you were at BlogHer and met any awesome new bloggers, please feel free to share! I'm still feeling the Blog Love and would love to see more awesome women (and men) that I might have missed.

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