Super V-chip to screen adult content on all your media devices

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It can be hard to control what kids are exposed to. Even if you're always in the room while they're watching TV, who knows what you'll stumble upon just flipping through channels -- or what about keeping track of the content they're viewing online, on their iPod and via their mobile phone? Especially if you're not tech savvy, it can be a lot to keep up with.

Subsequently, legislation has been introduced in the Senate asking that the Federal Communications Commission oversee the development of a new V-chip that would work with all media devices. The plan is for this device to go far beyond what the original V-chip (a required parental control inserted into every TV made after 1996) is capable of, allowing parents to have more say in what the child has access to.

But could such a device actually work? According to some tech bloggers, the answer is, quite simply: "no." Such a device, in their opinion would be like "holding back the ocean with a fishing net," and parents might as well start "screening [life]."

While I'd like to believe that these kinds of controls aren't necessary, there is a plethora of truly gruesome content on the Internet (along with the gruesome people who create it) -- that many adults would find offensive for themselves, let alone their kids. And, unfortunately, that material is fairly easy to come by (especially for curious young people). I have no idea whether a device like this is technically possible, but seeing as I don't feel comfortable hiding my child from the information age, I'll hope for the best.

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