A black and white intruder

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I'll admit that I sometimes get spooked, at nights alone. While Nolan slumbers peacefully, I labour at my computer, hunting and pecking and searching for words and clients. Sometimes I hear a rustle outside, and I envison a masked intruder, hunched in the front bushes, peering through the window and contemplating a nefarious move. My mind works overtime, paranoid. Jordi is a big dog, a husky-shepherd cross, but he rolls over in submission to the teeny poodle next door. I don't know what he'd do if someone tried to bust into our home. I can run like the wind but my arms are skinny and I am not much of a puncher.

Last night I was sitting in my normal position, sometime after 10:30 PM. A cold cup of coffee sat next to me on the desk. This neighbourhood is silent. Once the birds have gone to sleep, it is so quiet that I can hear my son's breathing from down the hallway. My kitchen door was open to the second-floor patio, and Jordi was curled on his dog bed outside.

Suddenly, I heard an unusual, low growl emit from his throat. I looked over, the white fur on the top of his neck was standing ramrod straight, at attention.
"What's up, pal?" I asked.

The dog started to go crazy. Pacing up and down the patio, he stopped by the area closest to the front door, growling with a menace I've never heard before,.
"Jordi, what is it?"

My heart started pounding, this was weird. It was late and there was a slight wind, the leaves were rustling in the front and I could suddenly taste bile.Jordi went rocketing into the house and stood by the front door, still growling a low, menacing sound. Instinctively, I ran to Nolan's room and shut the door. I looked out the side window and saw something moving in the bush. A foot? Good god.

Grimly, I pondered my options. If there was someone bad creeping in my bushes, I wanted him to know about the massive husky-shepherd cross in the home, see his jagged teeth and witness the hair on his back.

"Jordi, come here!" I commanded and slowly opened the windows. Once again, I saw a flash of something -- a boot? Operating on pure instinct, I opened the door a crack so that Jordi could make his presence seen and heard.

What happened next was a blur of fur and legs and terrifying sound -- Jordi attacked and suddenly I saw the source of his anger -- a cat? A porcupine? And then there was a hiss and the smell almost knocked me out from my frozen perch at the door. A skunk.

Before I could stop him, Jordi, propelled by fear and noxious fumes, sprinted away from the skunk and into the house, filling my home with a smell so atrocious I can't put words to it. The skunk slithered away, undoubtedly ruffled and exhausted. Jordi slept on the porch last night, and despite repeated vinegar rinses, still smells to high heaven. It seems this is the smell of my new home.

Nolan woke up this morning and his first words were: "It's tinky, Mommy. It's tinky."

Indeed it is.

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