When the earth swallows a child

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A while back, Sandy Maple wrote about the dangers of holes on the beach -- small kids can easily become trapped, completely covered by sand when the holes collapse. Well, frankly, it seemed a bit unlikely. A few years ago, we took Jared and my niece camping near Point Reyes and went to the beach one afternoon. Naturally, my niece -- about eight years old at the time -- dug a pretty deep hole and Jared played in it for a bit. Nothing untoward happened.

Turns out, we were actually pretty darn lucky. Not so EarthChick of EarthChick Knits. She and her family were at the beach and they did lose their young son to a hole in the sand. Luckily, he was found, alive and well, despite being completely buried and unconscious for more than five minutes. While her story does have a happy ending, more than half of the time it doesn't. Even though her son is okay, Earthchick is still dealing with the emotional effects of the ordeal.

She has a follow-up post with some tips on how to prevent this from happening to you and your children. Now that you know the problem, avoiding it isn't too hard. EarthChick has some advice on the matter in a follow-up post. I'm sure this tragedy will be with her for a long time, but hopefully, given the exposure to the problem, others can avoid a similar situation in the future.


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