Airline loses 7-year-old, luggage arrives safely

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For a company who's slogan is: "Because Owners Care," WestJet is certainly do an awful job of looking after what customers actually care about.

Like their kids, for instance.

According to this father's website, his 7-year-old son, William, was flying on WestJet from Calgary to Vancouver as an "unaccompanied minor" (known as a "UM") -- meaning that a customer service representative from the airline is supposed to escort the child off the plane and wait with him until a family member arrives.

But that's not what happened. Even though William had made this trip several times before without incident, this time he was allowed to walk right off the plane and into the terminal -- alone -- despite the fact that he was wearing a large UM tag around his neck.

Fortunately only 20 minutes passed before William's grandmother found him wandering around the terminal (still wearing his UM tag), and took him home.

Although, it's worth noting that the grandmother showed no ID, and didn't sign for William (as is normally required) -- she simply grabbed William by the hand, collected his luggage, and left.

Now the father is battling with the airline -- trying to find answers -- but getting the run-around from a series of unaccountable employees. Needless to say, if this is any example of the kind of "care" WestJet takes with children flying alone on their airplanes, they'll never get my business.

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