Celebrity parents who break-up, reunite, break-up, reunite

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Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee have made quite a habit of it. Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were briefly fans of it. Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler have taken a stab at it. And now it is rumored that Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe are giving it a try. It is the post break-up reunion between two parents. It doesn't seem to matter what drove them apart in the first place, but time does heal many wounds and these couples end up making headlines when they surface holding hands and smiling in each others faces after tales of bitter feuds have rocked the tabloids. Inevitably, the old problems seem to bubble over and these famous couples go their separate ways, but not before making big headlines and adding fuel to many a rumor.

While many naysayers mock these efforts, I can understand the post break-up reunion. After all, your ex is the mother/father of your children. In all likelihood there was something pretty spectacular about them in the first place to prompt the making of a child or two. In one way or another you are forever bonded to that person once a child enters the picture. My ex and I split up several times, once for 18 months and another time for a divorce and still there was the attraction of the post break-up reunion. It is a fairly safe reunion. You know this person. You have seen them at their worst and and at their best. So why not give it another go?

Unfortunately, the euphoric haze tends to wear off after a post break-up reunion and one member or the other recalls exactly why the relationship went wrong in the first place. Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson have been through this part of the cycle several times. Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards appear to have broken the cycle. The Barker/Moakler team seem somewhat undecided. And Reese Whitherspoon and Ryan Philippe appear to be at the tender part of the reunion. Whatever the case, a post break-up reunion can breathe excitement and hope into a troublesome situation, it just isn't often a long lived hope.

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