Dead Sea salt saves forgotten boy

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It is hard to imagine that a parent could forget their child even for a moment in a sweltering car, at Disney World or anywhere else. When Ellie is out with me, I am locked onto her position like radar. If she steps out of my sight for a moment, I find her. Immediately. And she can swim now, but I still watch her like a hawk at the pool, too.

That's why I can't understand how this father could forget his child in the Dead Sea. Yes, not at the Dead Sea, but in it. 8-year-old Shneur Zalman Friedman was swimming in the the Dead Sea with his father and brothers when the current swept him away from shore. When his father left the water, he failed to notice his son was no longer with him. In fact, he didn't realize his son was missing until it began to get dark.

Police and volunteers launched a major search for the boy in helicopters and motorboats. After hours of searching to no avail, the rescue workers feared the worst. But miraculously, the boy was found approximately six hours after he went missing, floating in the water about two miles from shore. He had survived by keeping his head and not panicking. Because the water in the Dead Sea has such a high concentration of salt, the boy was able to float on the surface of the water until he was rescued. Not even attempting to swim, he passed the time by praying and thinking of his school friends.

First of all -what a smart kid! He could easily have panicked, tried to swim and this story would have a very different ending. But what about his father? I may be hyper vigilant when keeping an eye on Ellie, but to forget a young child in the water like that is incomprehensible to me. Authorities say they will not press charges against the boy's father, but I bet he had some serious explaining to do to the boys' mother.


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